New Camo Patterns Will Be Here Soon!

New Camo Patterns Will Be Here Soon!

June 06, 2016

We have been working very hard on developing our own camo patterns, after months of design and testing we are happy with them and back in March announced we were going to build products with these new patterns, we developed the 3 different patterns to target different hunting demographics throughout the country. Our new patterns are Ambush Forester, Ambush Highlander, and Ambush Sagebrush.

Creating these has proven to be more time consuming then we every thought, we have created sample after sample and modified all sorts of things to make it just right. We will have the 1/4 zip pullover shirts and t-shirts within the next week from what the manufacture is telling us, but we also will have pants and jackets following shortly behind. We want honest input on these hunting suits and really value the opinions of all of our customers and will base future designs and features off of this feedback.

Ambush Forester Hunting Jacket and Pants


Ambush Highlander Hunting Jacket and Pants

Ambush Sagebrush Hunting Jacket and Pants

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