Ambush Forester Camo is about more than simply being invisible. Camo prevents prey animals from understanding what they are seeing. It gives you a momentary hesitation on the part of the deer, elk, duck or other animal you are hunting. That moment can make the difference between a successful shot and a total miss. The type of camo you wear is as important as why you wear it. Wearing the wrong color in the wrong season or setting can mean the difference between success and being an obvious stand out. The Ambush Forester camo print is designed for spring, summer or early fall in the woods. It blends into the colors of the brush around you, and the patterns break up the sight line of the prey animals you are hunting.

Staying covered from head to toe is obviously important if you accidentally get stuck out against a completely contrasting background. An inopportune moment hunters call skylining. But even if you are well hidden in the brush, on a stand or behind a hide, little movements can trigger the flight response in prey animals highly attuned to their environment. Ambush Forester Camo minimizes those little movements and turns them into a blur of background noise in the eyes of your prey.

Out looking for predators? They seem a lot easier. After all, the prey animals are not as concerned with other animals in their whereabouts. They aren’t afraid. They are the hunters, and are rarely as concerned with being hunted themselves. However, these animals are smart, cunning and well-adjusted to what is around them. Staying camouflaged not only makes it easier to sneak up on these animals, it makes it less likely you will become the hunted instead of the hunter. The Ambush Forester pattern is black and olive green with smatterings of dark and light grey, white and light green.

Picking camo for the area you hunt most is a smart option. The land you are working with can either hide you, or point you out to your prey. Of course, nothing can eliminate all signs of your whereabouts to your target. Prey animals are especially good at picking up warning signs, and that’s why the Ambush Highlander camo can help you get as close as possible, and give you those extra seconds you need for a good shot. The Ambush Highlander gear is made up of muted brown, black, grey and tan colors that blend in with high mountains and hilly areas. Wearing Ambush Highlander camo helps you eliminate minute movements that spook prey by confusing them, and making it hard for them to recognize what they are seeing. This is especially helpful when you are left in the open for any time, or if you have to position yourself to get a better shot.

While some camo patterns are seasonal, the Ambush Highlander camo works well from spring to fall in mountainous areas. Created with proprietary technology, it is printed with 3 layers of distinct pattern that combine all of the naturally occurring colors in a multi directional design that blends in beautifully with this type of surrounding. The print is classic and developed to break up your outline against the backdrop of the setting so you blend in whether you are on the ground, against a tree or in a stand.

Take your Ambush Highlander camo gear with you whenever you go out, and stay camouflaged for the best results in your hunting season. Prey comes closer, and spooks less, allowing you to get your limit, and enjoy your time outdoors more.

The Ambush Sagebrush camo pattern will give you all year versatility on the open grass plains so you can hunt with confidence. In the woods, this classic pattern and color combo is great for spring and fall, blending with the foliage well, and keeping you hidden as you wait for your prey. Being as blended to your environment is important, especially when hunting close targets. Deer, elk and other animals used to being ready at a moment’s notice to run from any sudden movement detected nearby, will have trouble recognizing even the smallest movements from you because they can’t tell it apart from moving branches, grass or leaves.

Created with a layered pattern of light gray, green, dark green and olive, Ambush Sagebrush breaks up your outline against nature’s background. This color is an excellent choice in rain or sun whether you are in a stand or on the ground. It also makes a statement in your daily wear, keeping you comfortable while letting everyone know that you hunt, and love the outdoors. There are other reasons to choose great camo gear like the Ambush Sagebrush pattern. If you enjoy military games, paintball and other competitive combat games, camo keeps you in the game longer, and lets you have more fun sneaking up on competitors.

Ambush Sagebrush is also an excellent pattern for Midwestern and northern areas where you need your camo to blend well, not only with the tree lines, but also with the sky as there are so many open fields and grasslands. Wearing Ambush Sagebrush when crouched in the grass lets you wait until the prey is feet away, or makes prey hesitate if you happen to end up silhouetted against the sky. That moment’s break will allow you to get your shot off where other hunters are left in the dust of their fleeing prey.