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KO Ultra Quiet Hunting Jacket and Pants Set

Koss Outdoors

Trek Camo

Be ready for anything Mother Nature can throw at you and stay out in the field longer during hunting season. This double bonded jacket has 3 layers of perfect weather protection against rain, snow and freezing weather. A thick polyester fleece keeps you toasty warm no matter how chilly it is outside, and a strong PU membrane provides perfect water resistant protection from rain and storms. To top it all off, a durable, wear resistant brushed polyester outer layer keeps this hunting set looking great for years.

This set features:

  • Scent protection and invisibility: Exclusive TREK camouflage pattern by Hunting Attractions offers you stylish invisibility in the woods. The camouflage looks of this great set keeps you unseen, but scent protection is just as important. You will be truly invisible during your hunt thanks to the scent cover this set provides.
  • Built-in vents: Ventilation allows you to keep your clothes on even as the temperatures change during the day. The idea of wearing layers is great for a casual outing, but it makes being on the move during a hunt a real pain. No one wants to be putting on and taking off clothes every time the thermostat moves. The built-in under arm zipper vents let you open up and keep yourself from sweating when it’s warmer, and close up and hold in body heat during the cold weather.
  • Utilitarian construction: 4 deep storage pockets in the jacket and 6 pockets including 2 cargo pockets in pants so you can carry the things you need, hook and look wrist straps to fit your sleeves perfectly and a detachable hood so you can get it out of the way when you just want a jacket.
  • Waterproof zippers on the jacket and gaiter liners in the pants keep you ready to deal with damp and wet weather without worry.





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